Basic flow of GitGate is from the development repository to the stable repository.

Flow chart

The complete flow of GitGate is as follows:


Install gitgate

sudo pip install gitgate

GitGate requires Flask, Python SQLite3 and Peewee ORM.


Create a "stable" repository.

Example using a GitHub repository.

$ git clone --bare tmp-swag.git
$ cd tmp-swag.git
$ git push --mirror
$ cd ../
$ rm -rf tmp-swag.git

Create a site

You'll need to answer a few simple questions.

$ cd /opt
$ gitgate site create
Path [/opt] /opt/gitgate
Site created!

Create the project in GitGate

$ cd /opt/gitgate # Or wherever you created your site
$ gitgate project create swag
Path  [/opt/gitgate/projects/swag]:
Development clone url:
Stable clone url:
Creating project... Done

Add roles in GitGate

Add someone to the reviewer and approver roles for the swag project.